About Family photoshoots

Family photoshoots are done outdoors, and the time of day largely depends on the type of location you love.

Typically, if doing a beach photoshoot because we live on the east coast, I like to do the shoot at sunrise. The beach is calm and quiet at that time, the lighting is beautiful, and the wind normally only picks up in the afternoon.

For other outdoor photoshoots, such as forest and grasslands, I love to shoot around 3pm. April to September is my recommended time of year for photographing families.

The family photoshoot is normally around an hour long. As we are at the mercy of the weather, should we be rained out or experience heavy winds, we will move the shoot to an alternative suitable date.


Your day started with a tantrum from your toddler wanting to wear his bat-suit for the fourth time this week. Then fights about which porridge he could eat. Maybe the teenager got ready promptly, maybe he didn’t. You had to make sandwiches and do early morning school runs, screaming at the kids to hustle or they’ll be late!

Your afternoon is filled with more school runs, piano lessons, ballet lessons and rugby matches.  Little ones were put down for naps and big ones were helped with their homework.

Maybe somewhere in there you got to have a heart to heart with your teenager, and maybe a jump on the trampoline with your five year old. And then there were more pick ups, and deliveries, and grocery shopping, and baking, and cooking supper, and feeding the dog, and packing tomorrow’s school bags, and breaking up sibling arguments, and laughing at bad jokes, and teaching how to ride bicycles, and lego building, a Barbie dressing, and Minecraft.

And phew…. Maybe, just maybe, a cup of tea thrown in if you’re lucky.

Family life is busy. But it changes- it evolves. Your little ones don’t stay little. And one day, you’ll be waving them goodbye, as they journey on to lives of their own, where you are no longer the centre of their world.

One day, you will want to remember how they were today, even amidst the chaos. One day, your pictures will be a reminder of a busy time in your life, when you had a home filled with chaos, and busyness, and a whole lot of love. And when your grandchildren come over, you call tell them all about the time their Mum and Dad were little, just like them.

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